Parenting Classes

Looking for Parenting Classes in the Los Angeles Area ?

New Way Parenting offers a comprehensive 10-week course in the Los Angeles area, which can help satisfy court requirements and/or DCFS mandated orders. New Way Parenting is also available for parents looking to find new techniques for dealing with their children. With new laws and information, many people are learning that “Old-School” ways to discipline their children are no longer effective. Also giving “spankings” and being physically violent with your children, can often land the parent in jail or under court supervision in many cases. Often times, raising children is a learning experience for the parent and the child and we must be open-minded to new methods and information, which is what New Way Parenting hopes to provide.

With locations throughout the Los Angeles Area, New Way Parenting hosts interactive and private parenting classes.  Most classes are 10-week sessions, which are taught by certified and experienced instructors for are also bi-lingual.  The classes are usually taught with handouts, along with videos and instructional information for the leader. The classes also want the parents to ask questions, share their experience, and feel a part of all classes. Some homework is given but is minimal.

Some parents have scheduling conflicts or its often time to free up time to attend classes regularly. In these cases, New Way Parenting offers individual private courses when available, so that you can meet with an instructor one-on-one and fulfill your court requirements. Our instructors have been teaching parenting classes in the Los Angeles Area for multiple years and enjoy helping other parents. Our comprehensive 10-week parenting class will prove beneficial and most parents who have taken the course always learned some effective tools from our classes. 

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