For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

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Q: How long are your classes ?

A: Our classes are usually 10-week sessions. There are 2 available classes per week, so you are able to attend both classes if needed. You should be prepared to stay for 2-3 hours per class

Q: Where are your classes located ?

A: Our parenting and Co-Parenting classes are taught at different locations in the Los Angeles Areas. See our schedule for more accurate info. Private classes can also be taught, if necessary.


Q: Are your classes DFCS, and Court Approved ?

A: Yes, New Way Parenting is a court-approved class. Letters of enrollment and completion can be provided for the courts.


Q: Do you have classes in Spanish also?

A: Yes, our instructors are Bi-lingual and classes are actually taught fully in either English or Spanish.


Q: Are your classes fun ?

A: Absolutely Yes, Our classes are taught with Powerpoint, Videos, teacher/student interaction, and real-life experiences to make the classes more interesting.


Q: Are private classes offered ?

A: Yes, our certified instructors are also available for private coaching at additional fees.